Cultural Centre Pavillon

Theatre Hall 1
Main Hall
Small Hall

The cul­tu­ral centre Pa­vil­lon is the fes­ti­val centre of the Über­schlag for five days.
All mas­ter clas­ses and a large part of the con­certs will take place here. Among others, the grand ope­ning gala.


The foyer be­co­mes the fes­ti­val lounge. Here you will find ca­te­ring, com­for­ta­ble sea­ting, an in­for­ma­tion desk and many other little sur­pri­ses th­roug­hout the day.


The In­stru­ment Ex­hi­bi­tion will take place in the Small Hall.


Theatre Hall 1 is the ve­nue for the mas­ter classes.

Main Hall

Theatre Hall 1

The history of the Pa­vil­lon Cul­tu­ral Centre be­gan with the idea of crea­ting a self-ma­na­ged house for cul­ture, so­cial af­fairs and po­li­tics.
In 1976, the ci­ti­zens’ in­itia­tive Rasch­platz e. V. was foun­ded and won the use of a va­cant de­part­ment stores’ in 1977. The BI is still the spon­sor of the Pa­vil­lon cul­tu­ral centre to­day.
The Pa­vil­lon de­ve­lo­ped into one of the lar­gest cul­tu­ral in­sti­tu­ti­ons in the city and is one of the ol­dest so­cio-cul­tu­ral cen­tres in Ger­many.
Se­ve­ral ma­jor re­no­va­tions of the buil­ding were ne­ces­sary to ac­com­mo­date the gro­wing cul­tu­ral ope­ra­ti­ons.
The core re­no­va­tion in 2013 made it pos­si­ble to play the Great Hall, the Small Hall and the two theatre stages si­mul­ta­neously. In ad­di­tion, two group rooms and a large foyer are available.

How to get there


  • Li­nes 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 and 9 | stop “Haupt­bahn­hof” (un­der­ground)
  • Li­nes 10 and 17 | stop “Haupt­bahn­hof / ZOB” (above ground)


  • Li­nes 121, 500, 700, 900 | stop “Haupt­bahn­hof / ZOB”


Fol­low the traf­fic si­gns to the main rail­way sta­tion.
Un­der­ground car parks ne­arby: Rasch­platz (un­der the Rasch­platz­hoch­straße) and the Friesenstr./Lister Tor multi-storey car park.


Hanover’s main rail­way sta­tion is a five-mi­nute walk away.


Kul­tur­zen­trum Pavillon

Lis­ter Meile 4, 30161 Hannover