Festival Party

Dario Rossi, LaRensch, Luise

23:30 Uhr
Pavillon, Hannover
Foto: Gat­tonero Booking

The last fes­ti­val evening turns into a glit­te­ring party!

Af­ter a fan­ta­stic con­cert by Manu De­lago the fes­ti­val centre in the pa­vi­lion will turn into a night­club. The lounge in the foyer will of­fer a chil­led and com­for­ta­ble space for chat, see­ing in the mor­ning hours whilst the main hall will be­come a dancefloor.

The DJ coll­ec­tive qe­nem from Ha­no­ver will play the fi­nest house and techno and will be com­ple­men­ted by a su­per­star of the bu­cket drum­mer scene: Da­rio Rossi. We won’t call it a night un­til the sweat is drip­ping from the ceiling!

Da­rio Rossi is a drum­mer, per­cus­sio­nist and elec­tro­nic mu­sic pro­du­cer. He made his breakth­rough in Ger­many, where he per­for­med at Alex­an­der­platz in Ber­lin in 2014. The vi­deo of this per­for­mance went vi­ral and caught the at­ten­tion of num­e­rous in­ter­na­tio­nal news­pa­pers and te­le­vi­sion pro­gram­mes, in­clu­ding “Tú Sí Que Va­les” (Ca­nale 5), “So­liti ig­noti — il ri­torno” (Rai 1), and in Ger­many “TV to­tal” (Pro­Sie­ben).
Da­rio Rossi is now app­re­cia­ted by mil­li­ons of peo­ple all over the world, in­clu­ding im­portant icons of the mu­sic scene. He is curr­ently per­forming in clubs, thea­tres and mu­sic fes­ti­vals all over Eu­rope. We are very happy to have him with us and to show an­o­ther fa­cet of what per­cus­sion can be!

Luise de­ve­lo­ped an in­tense pas­sion for vi­nyl at an early age. Over the ye­ars, she coll­ec­ted re­cords of many gen­res, the main thing be­ing that they groove and con­tain soul.

La­Ren­sch crea­tes her sets in­tui­tively and spon­ta­neously with in­fluen­ces from techno, in­die dance and vi­bes from Italo disco — in short, a sur­prise — so­me­ti­mes more techno and dri­ving, so­me­ti­mes more co­lourful, so­me­ti­mes ligh­ter. They break th­rough genre boun­da­ries with ease and trans­port mu­si­cal free­dom that in­vi­tes you to let go. Tog­e­ther, the two are part of the qe­nem net­work for FLINTA*DJs.


Da­rio Rossi

DJ La­Ren­sch

DJ Luise


Kul­tur­zen­trum Pavillon

Lis­ter Meile 4, 30161 Hannover