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Ryosuke Kiyasu & Klaus Angermann

00:00 p.m.
Photo: Yuris Tmeizeh

In the Ih­me­rau­schen, the wine bar of the Lin­de­ner cult re­stau­rant 11a ta­kes place at mid­night an event of the bor­der crossers. Dr. Klaus An­ger­mann, for­mer chief dra­ma­turge of the State Opera and di­rec­tor of Mu­sik 21, will per­form his le­gen­dary ver­sion of Kurt Schwit­ters’ Ur-So­nate. 20 mi­nu­tes of Ur-So­nate in so­nata form are made for a per­cus­sion fes­ti­val! Here is an im­pres­sive de­mons­tra­tion of the power of the per­cus­sive aspects of the hu­man voice and how lan­guage and mu­sic are in­ex­tri­ca­bly lin­ked. Oral per­cus­sion at its best.

Dr. Kiyasu’s per­for­mance One Snare­drum and a Ta­ble can also lead to pri­mal sounds once he has drum­med hims­elf into a trance. He maltre­ats his drum ever more wildly and ex­ces­si­vely, wrin­ging ever new sounds from it. Un­til the bru­tal fight with the in­stru­ment, a dis­tur­bing in­ti­macy al­ways re­mains. The whole thing al­most seems like the mu­si­ci­ans de­spe­rate at­tempt to be­come one with his instrument.

Dr. Klaus An­ger­mann (born 1953) is the first chair­man of the Ver­ein zur För­de­rung Neuer Mu­sik Musik21. He was chief dra­ma­turge of the Ha­no­ver State Opera from 2011–2019. He has pu­blished books, ma­ga­zine ar­tic­les and ra­dio broad­casts, espe­ci­ally on the to­pics of 20th cen­tury mu­sic and mu­sic theatre, and has writ­ten se­ve­ral opera libretti.

Ryo­suke Ki­yasu is one of Japan’s lea­ding free jazz per­cus­sio­nists. Since 2003, Ki­yasu has tou­red 55 count­ries as a snare drum per­for­mer. He for­med his own band cal­led Sete Star Sept, Ki­yasu Or­ches­tra. Since 2012, he has been the drum­mer for Keiji Haino’s Fus­hit­su­sha. Over 200 of his pie­ces have been re­leased by va­rious in­ter­na­tio­nal la­bels. In 2018, a re­cor­ding of his snare drum per­for­mance from a Ber­lin club went vi­ral on You­Tube with over 22 mil­lion views.


Ryo­suke Ki­yasu Snare Drum Solo

Dr. Klaus An­ger­mann Voice



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