Duo Concert

Johannes Fischer & Fritz Hauser

10 pm
Marktkirche Hannover

Jo­han­nes Fi­scher and Fritz Hau­ser play as a duo ra­rely but when they do, then all the more in­ten­si­vely. Their com­mon ba­sis is an enorm­ous un­der­stan­ding of sound, noise, space and time.
At the Über­schlag Fes­ti­val they will make a church space re­sound at a late hour — a space that beau­tifully de­picts the duo’s enorm­ous dy­na­mics and rich­ness of sound.
Ex­pect sur­pri­sing spa­tial mo­ve­ments, con­den­sed mo­ments and ex­plo­sive cli­ma­xes. The mu­sic will be a mix­ture of con­cept, im­pro­vi­sa­tion and composition.

Born in 1953 in Ba­sel, Switz­er­land, Fritz Hau­ser de­vi­ses solo pro­gram­mes that he per­forms world­wide.
In the field of per­cus­sion he plays and works with per­cus­sion so­loists and groups all over the world and has re­leased num­e­rous CDs as a so­loist and with va­rious en­sem­bles. Whe­ther com­po­si­ti­ons for per­cus­sion en­sem­bles and so­loists, cham­ber or­ches­tra, choir, ra­dio, ra­dio plays or mu­sic for films and re­a­dings, Fritz Hauser’s port­fo­lio is di­verse.
He has also worked across va­ried di­sci­pli­nes such as with light­ing de­si­gner Bri­gitte Du­bach, di­rec­tor Bar­bara Frey, ar­chi­tect Boa Bau­mann and cho­reo­grapher Kin­sun Chan.
He has also de­ve­lo­ped sound in­stal­la­ti­ons for the Ar­chi­tek­tur­mu­seum Ba­sel, Cas­tel Bu­rio Italy and the Foun­da­tion van Gogh in Arles, among others.

Jo­han­nes Fi­scher is ce­le­bra­ted by the press as the sound ma­gi­cian among per­cus­sio­nists, who tou­ches his au­di­ence with light­ness, im­pul­sive joy of play­ing and sen­si­ti­vity. His ap­proach to mu­sic is from the performer’s point of view, as com­po­ser, im­pro­vi­sing in­stru­men­ta­list, te­a­cher and con­duc­tor. In ad­di­tion to his solo ac­ti­vi­ties which have al­re­ady ta­ken him to ma­jor con­cert halls around the world as well as to num­e­rous or­chestras and fes­ti­vals, his col­la­bo­ra­tion with mu­si­ci­ans from a wide va­riety of back­grounds is of great im­portance.
Jo­han­nes Fi­scher has re­cei­ved num­e­rous awards and scho­lar­ships which in­clude pri­zes at the Ger­man Mu­sic Com­pe­ti­tion, and 1st prize and four other spe­cial pri­zes at the 56th ARD In­ter­na­tio­nal Mu­sic Com­pe­ti­tion in Mu­nich. In 2009 he was ap­poin­ted as a pro­fes­sor at the Uni­ver­sity of Mu­sic Lübeck.


Jo­han­nes Fi­scher | Fritz Hau­ser Percussion

Sa­scha Zau­ner Light



Hanns-Lilje-Platz 2, 30159 Hannover