Ensemble Concert

DoubleBeats, Boum, Elbtonal

7:30 pm
Pavillon, Main hall

Th­ree of the most fa­mous Ger­man per­cus­sion en­sem­bles in one con­cert:
Foun­ded in 2012 by Ni Fan (China) and Lu­kas Böhm (Ger­many) du­ring their stu­dies at the Hoch­schule für Mu­sik ‘Hanns Eis­ler’ in Ber­lin, the per­cus­sion duo “Dou­ble­Beats” has quickly es­tab­lished its­elf on the in­ter­na­tio­nal con­cert scene and won se­ve­ral pri­zes. The duo deals with both early and con­tem­po­rary mu­sic. Dou­ble­Beats has been tea­ching at the Hoch­schule für Mu­sik “Hanns Eis­ler” in Ber­lin since the sum­mer se­mes­ter 2019. At Über­schlag, the duo will play works by Chris­tos Hat­zis, Liu Heng and Marc Mellits.

The brot­hers Kai & Marc Stro­bel have de­ve­lo­ped a ho­li­stic ap­proach to per­cus­sion and have set out on their own paths. Boum-Per­cus­sion is a la­bo­ra­tory and plat­form for va­rious per­cus­sion for­mats.
The ensemble’s re­per­toire ran­ges from solo per­for­man­ces in a lar­ger con­text to col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons with ar­tists from other di­sci­pli­nes.
At Über­schlag, Boum will pre­sent their new pro­ject “Ocea­nia” — a homage to the ocean and its bio­di­ver­sity. At the same time, the com­po­si­ti­ons ad­dress the ocean from a pu­rely eco­no­mic point of view and deal with con­se­quen­ces for na­ture and the in­ter­ven­tion in fra­gile systems.


The four vir­tuoso per­cus­sio­nists from Ham­burg have uni­quely mas­te­red the “crea­tive cross­over” of clas­si­cal, jazz and world mu­sic. With a pinch of live elec­tro­nics, a truck full of drums, ma­rimba and vi­bra­pho­nes, ta­iko drums, gongs and a coll­ec­tion of mis­ap­pro­pria­ted ever­y­day ob­jects, the quartet’s ty­pi­cal “Ham­burg Sound of Per­cus­sion” is per­fect.
Elb­tonal Per­cus­sion has been per­forming live for 25 ye­ars. The en­sem­ble has tou­red th­roug­hout Eu­rope, South Ame­rica, Ja­pan and China and is a re­gu­lar guest at in­ter­na­tio­nal fes­ti­vals. At Über­schlag, the quar­tet pres­ents its own ar­ran­ge­ments and com­po­si­ti­ons as well as pie­ces from Keiko Abe to Radiohead.



Ni Fan | Lu­kas Böhm Dou­ble­Beats

Marc Stro­bel | Kai Stro­bel Boum

Jan-Fre­de­rick Beh­rend | Fran­cisco Ma­nuel An­guas Ro­dri­guez | Ste­phan Krause | Sönke Schrei­ber Elb­tonal


Kul­tur­zen­trum Pavillon

Lis­ter Meile 4, 30161 Hannover